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Courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] bluebeegirl :
1. Succeeding against the odds
Kind of like when [livejournal.com profile] spookyfish24  labeled me with success, when people say I am successful. The only answer I have to that is that I am flat out stubborn. I don't give up easily and my tenacious attitude has been noted by many. Thank you :blush:

2. Breakfast Jacks
Ah! The fateful New Year's Party of 2005. Jeff and I emerged from the room where we, um, were sleeping and noted the array of prone bodies strewn around the house. We looked outside at the smoldering fire and at the usual aftermath in the dining room and kitchen. "Let's go out and bring something back!" was pronounced. Thereby an adventure ensued, because not much is open at 9 am on New Year's Day. We finally came across an open Jack-in-the-Box on 19th ave and that, my friends, is how the tradition of New Year's Day Breakfast Jacks was born. Who in the hell wants to cook breakfast casserole with a hangover?

3. Corsets *rawr*
I found this interesting, just because I rarely wear the device, even though they rock hard. That was a fun,fun day at Fetish Falls when I purchased my latest, and now we need to go do something to give me an opportunity to wear my new beautiful green silk one.

4. Your boys
My life, my miracles, my joy and my burden. The little beings that taught me responsibility, selflessness, and compassion. They are the reason I am where I am today and why I work as hard as I do. They have the unique ability to piss me off more than any other human ever has and to make my heart swell with more love, pride and devotion than any human ever has. They came from me, but they are them. I am starting the slow process of setting them free upon the world, and hope that what I have endeavored to teach them carries them through that process of self-discovery and growth called growing up.

5. Amazing Self Confidence with a dash of heady Sarcasm.
To Blaive. Which, surprisingly, I could not find a definition of on Dictionary.com. According to the Princess Bride, it means to Bluff. Deep inside I am actually a quivering mass of goo who has trouble believing people could actually like me, that I have any kind of competence, or that I am not continually fucking up. This is hidden well by several layers, including the top one of "Fake it until you make it". The sarcasm, well duh! That is part of our family's communication since I was old enough to talk. Thank you. Someday, enough people will tell me I am doing OK that I will actually believe it deep down, and not just at the surface.

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