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After careful consideration, I have submitted Tackle Hugs and Bonking Heads.  Reviewing the previous entries showed me there were very few older children interactions in the contest.  You can't vote, but you can comment.  There is a new Sony Digital camera at stake, so I am really hoping that there is a chance :)

Need Help

Nov. 26th, 2007 03:08 pm
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OK! I have decided to enter this contest: Mama Focus Photo Contest!
I need to narrow my selections down to two pictures.

From the site:
We hope to see photos that show us what modern motherhood can be like: the ugly and the beautiful. We are looking for pictures with a fresh, unique perspective or that capture a moment, convey a feeling, or tell a story. We want interesting and unexpected shots that give us a peek into real mamahood.

Some themes you might choose to explore (but anything goes!): Self & Solitude, Work & Play, Sleep (or lack thereof) & Dreams, Nature & Nurture.

Composition and photographic excellence don't count, just pictures that capture a moment of motherhood. In my case, here are the contenders:

Now you see why I am having a problem choosing. Please leave your vote in the comments. They have to be submitted by 11/30.  (I invite you to enter too-  for me, it is not about winning, but about capturing the diversity of being a mother)

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