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Catching up...  as always, if you want up to the date bloggage, check out my site.

Today was a day on the run, and run I did. Cleaning, working, meetings, and more.... I am behind on e-mail and blogs, and tomorrow guarantees the same.

I have a small rant about the State of Arizona's social service system. It is very fragmented and difficult to navigate. Konal receives services from Behavioral Health via his eligibility by being on the state form of Medicaid, called Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System, or AHCCCS for short. He meets the federal definition of Developmentally Disabled, but not our state definition. DDD is the only non income dependent health program our state really has. This is why I made the choice years ago to quit working. I was making too much, and private insurance can not provide the services we need.

The problem, besides the confusing nature of the system itself, is that Behavioral Health is built on a time limited, fix the child and get out philosophy. It is not set up for long-term, chronic issues.

We had a meeting today, and were told that the agencies are receiving pressure to correct the safety issues in the household and get back out (called transitioning)

I do not see this happening. I am afraid that during Konal's next better cycle, they will declare him "fixed" and withdraw the in-home supports. I hate to say it, but I foresee another system taking over at that point.

This system receives a very high percentage of the children receiving behavioral health services in AZ. It is a way to warehouse "problem children" who may have been helped if the other systems were better.

What is this system, the one I see my child being in if I don't keep fighting tooth and nail?

The Department of Juvenile Corrections.

And if the issue is bad enough, the Office of Corrections.

Why spend all this money to warehouse a child that money in the beginning could have prevented?
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Late Night Edition

This morning was the first time in a very long time that I over slept the alarm. I think it is those darn narcotics. It set the tone for the day. I never got any homework done. Life was usual chaos.

I have a saved draft in my blogger talking about the depths of depression. Right now, I realize I might need to pull that post out and work on it. My depression is a little different from the norm. I don't call it being sad, I call it disengaging from life when it gets to be too much.

The problem?

My life is in a continual state of chaos. Right now I am doing poorly in many realms of life: financially, Physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, academically.

I don't feel like talking, but instead have been brushing off my biggest supports because I couldn't muster the umph to answer them when they inquire how things are. Not their fault, just totally my desire to bury myself.

I have had to make the decision to miss another day of school, even though it puts me farther behind and I have more to make up. Events in the house tonight have strained my back and it is very tender. I will have to start my internship back up this week though. I can't afford to miss any more hours.

So what it comes down to, is that this disengagement just makes things worse. Life has to be dealt with or the problems multiply and become more stressful.

Repeat after me:

I can make it through this semester.
I can make it through this semester.
I can make it through this semester.
I can make it through this semester.

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When I left off yesterday, I promised to address the question of "What about when he is older and bigger?"

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